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Pay It 4Ward: Coach honored for shaping young lives

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He wasn't the kid you'd pick as the most likely to succeed.

He had a tough life, not much of a chance to learn the meaning of discipline or generosity.

But he did in a most unusual place.

Now he's repaying his good fortune by passing on life's lessons to the young people of this generation.

A wrestling mat, not the typical classroom for life's lessons but it was for Josh Powell.

Christina Nihira thought Powell would be perfect to the Pay It 4Ward award.

"He had some issues in his home life that really weren't ideal," she said. “One day he had an opportunity to wrestle and that really made a difference in his life. And he had some people who taught him life lessons through the wrestling and that's really made him want to make a difference in other children's lives.”

So Josh Powell became Coach Powell, teaching young boys how to grapple with life's problems and stepping in when necessary.

"He's always there to help the kid who doesn't have a pair of shorts or lunch at a meet,” Nihira said.

How's he going to use it?

“I bet he's going to put it towards making this club stronger and better and reaching more kids,” she said.

A quick trip down the hall to his gym and Nihira got to tell him the news.

"Josh, you're an inspiration not only to Kahn and our family but to all the wonderful children here and what you're started with this wrestling program,” she said. "And I’m here to Pay It 4Ward to you today.”

Powell said, “Thank you guys very much. Thank you very much. The kids put in all the hard work. It's them that runs the program.”

Josh said he hopes what these youngsters learn now about discipline and determination lasts a lifetime.

"Sometimes even if it didn't work as a kid, I always look back on what my coaches taught me and it helps me make decisions today,” he said.

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