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EMSA paramedic assaulted, lost unborn child

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A pregnant EMSA paramedic is assaulted inside her ambulance leading to a miscarriage.

The state medical examiners office ruled the miscarriage was a result of being kicked in the stomach.

As a result, the unborn baby's death has been ruled a homicide.

Last month the husband and wife team were dispatched to a Walgreen's on N. May Ave. to help a sick man.

"They found the man who was needing medical aid and after getting him into the ambulance he became combative and assaulted the female," Oklahoma City police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said. 

The suspect, 58-year-old Ronald Heatly, allegedly kneed and kicked the victim in the stomach.

That led the pregnant paramedic to miscarry last week.

According to the police report, "When asked why he was behaving in such an aggressive and out of control manner, (Heatly) said because he was dehydrated."

"We just saw on the court dockets an assault on EMSA and we said he had to go," an employee at the suspect's apartment complex said.

That employee said the suspect was evicted from his apartment following the assault; no one was sad to see him go.

"He was just weird and off-balance," that employee said.

On their Facebook page, Joanna Hickerson and husband Tim posted an ultrasound of their unborn child.

Sadly, the proud parents-to-be will never get to raise that baby.

"It's very sad," Knight said. "These two EMSA workers were doing nothing wrong but helping render aid to someone who needed help. As a result they ended up losing their child."

Police initially arrested the suspect for assault and battery.

He has bonded out of the Oklahoma County jail.

Now it's up to the district attorney whether to file murder charges in the case.

The victims did not want to talk about the case.

The family also asked officials with EMSA not to comment.