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Study finds plastic can lead to kidney stones

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Hard plastic plates, you seem them all the time in cafeterias and restaurants but research shows eating off of them might leave you in pain.

Not even dime-sized, David Lessly said his kidney stone was unbearable.

"It hit me so hard that I could barely finish closing down my computer and finish notes to get to the emergency room," Lessly said.

A pain putting people here at Dr. Basel Hassoun's office.

"It's a tiny little stone. It's almost embarrassing to tell the family that this little stone put this man down to his knees," Dr. Hassoun said.

Now, Tiawanese researchers have linked the stones everyone wants to avoid to a material in plastic plates, melamine.

He found hot food can absorb the chemical and when we eat it, it can cause kidney stones.

"It changes the acidity of the urine and by having the melamine with the acidity and dehydration, that combination will work," Dr. Hassoun said.

He said there are some things you can do to keep your kidneys healthy.

"Water specifically is the best stone prevention," he said. "Avoid carbonation, ice tea because of high oxidants or soda pops."

While you might not see the need in avoiding plastic plates until the research is verified,
those who have endured a kidney stone say they won't chance it.

"It hurt, really, really painful," Lessly said.