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Thieves strike same house twice

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- A local family is searching for thieves who made off with their trailer for the second time in the last year.

In 2012, the family says their home, located on S.W. 90th St., was hit by crooks who targeted a trailer they bought earlier in the year.

They eventually replaced it and added a few changes to security, including surveillance cameras around the house and a thick chain to make sure it never happened again.

Much to their surprise, it did.

The homeowner, who works closely with a few construction companies, says he's made a connection to the repeat crimes.

He said, "The first time my trailer was stolen, there was a house being built in front of mine. Now there are two houses being built right down the street and my trailer was stolen once again."

This second crime was all caught on tape.

The chain seemed to do its job as the burglars had a very difficult time unhooking the trailer.

They even went as far as to go back to their truck to get different tools.

They ended up avoiding the chain all together and breaking the lock instead.

According to the time stamp on the video, they were on the property for about 15 minutes.

A fact that utterly disgusts the homeowner.

He said,"It makes me feel really sick to see, seeing these people doing this. They don't bother to get a job like everyone else. They're just trying to take the easy way out."

Police are now looking into the case.

The trailer has a VIN number of 13ZS A101 XC10 00939 and with a custom-made bulldog coupler hitch.

The Oklahoma tag number is 3P5517.

Authorities say the information is being sent to pawn shops and retailers to be on the lookout for the stolen goods.

If you have any information on the crime, you are asked to call Oklahoma City police.