Bingo bandits steal car from Dob N’ Win

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Drivers out there, police are warning you to be prepared to protect your cars.

An Oklahoma City man is searching for his stolen SUV.

It was taken from a parking lot near Interstate 35 and S.E. 44th St. on Friday in broad daylight.

Donnell Fowler was at Dob N' Win Bingo for his 60th birthday when he walked outside to find his 1987 dark brown Chevrolet Blazer was gone.

"I started walking around the whole parking lot," Fowler said. "Thinking 'Where's my car? who's got it? Will I get it back?'"

With doors locked, thieves stole it from the bingo hall in the 1300 block of S.E. 44th St. 

A devastating blow to the retired vending machine serviceman.

He used the Blazer to get to his doctor appointments.

However, the bingo bandits aren't new.

Security guards said cars have been stolen from their parking lot and, in the last three months, police said criminals swiped 52 cars form that block.

Even Fowler's niece, Montoyia Fowler, was a victim last year.

Someone stole her 1988 black and white Chevrolet Suburban.

"Felt like I couldn't breathe, I wanted to cry," Montoyia Fowler said.

Dob N' Win said it has around-the-clock security.

Still, it was no help to the Fowlers.

So to protect your car, police recommend parking close to the door or look for a light so you will be in a well lit area.

Also, always lock the door.

Meanwhile, Donnell Fowler is sending a message to the thieves.

"Get a job do like I did," he said. "Get a job. Buy your own car."

Fowler said his dark brown 1987 Blazer has gold trim and a rack on top.

The passenger window was broken and covered with plastic.

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