Multi-car accident on I-35 in Norman

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NORMAN, OK — An already busy and trouble spot for Norman commuters turned into and even bigger mess last night after a five car pile-up near the Main Street and I-35 Bridge in Norman.

Norman police and EMSA crews were on scene last night just before 9:00 pm after a multi-car accident left cars scattered all over the highway.

It happened in the northbound lane on I-35 between Lindsey and Main Street. According to police it started with a single car before a domino effect happened that left five vehicles sitting in the roadway.

One person is in critical condition this morning and several people had to be transported to the hospital with unknown injuries. Crews had to shut down the highway and diverted traffic off at Lindsey while crews cleaned up the mess.

Traffic in this area is already a nightmare because of the recent construction project taking place to revamp the Main Street Bridge that goes over I-35. Just last week traffic had to be narrowed down to a single lane on I-35 while crews fixed a hole found in the eastbound lane of the bridge.

The highway was shut down for over two and a half hours as a result of the accident.

The construction project is due to last until early 2014. Authorities ask that commuters stay cautious while making it through this trouble spot.

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