Remote car key cause car explosion

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STONEHAM, Mass. — A sudden blast totaled a car in the middle of a packed parking lot, moments before the driver was about to get in it.

“I unlocked my car. I popped my trunk then my car exploded all over the parking lot,” said Jackie Sugrue.

The explosion sent shrapnel flying Sunday afternoon through the lot at a store where shoppers at first weren’t sure what was going on. There was a big blast, but no flames. Investigators said it happened when Sugrue’s remote key ignited vapors coming from plumbing equipment in her trunk.

“When I was in the store I heard the bang,” said Karen Jenson.

Witnesses said a man was standing right next to the car when it exploded but he wasn’t hurt. Two cars parked near it had some damage.

The driver is still a little shaken, but Sugrue said she’s grateful she wasn’t standing any closer to her car.

“My trunk went flying over this whole row of cars. I’m just thankful no one got hurt because it could have turned out really bad,” said Sugrue.

Police, a bomb squad and the fire marshal were called to the scene.

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