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Mother said 4-year-old son left on school bus for 8 hours

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MOORELAND, Okla. - In tears, Teresa Cook talked about her 4-year old grandson who was left on a school bus.

"I"d like to see someone held accountable for this," she said.

She said Gavin was picked up from home at 6:50 a.m. and was asleep when the bus arrived at Mooreland Public School when other students got off. 

"He said that he was screaming 'Mimi' (grandmother) and crying for mommy," Cook said. "I thought, thank God he didn't have an asthma attack because he would not have had help."

No one heard his screams and he wasn't discovered until 3 p.m. when a driver got on the bus to take students home.

"It could have been 20 degrees outside and he could have had hypothermia," she said. "If the weather had been 100 degrees he would have suffocated." 

Cook said another major problem is administrators didn't notify the family when they found him but an hour after he was already home. 

"If any of our family had left him unattended in a vehicle for that amount of time, we would lose him and would be face criminal charges," she said.

Gavin was too shaken up to go back to school.

When asked how he felt about what happened he said, "I was scared. I'm scared to ride the bus again."

The superintendent did not want to talk on camera but said he was "sick to his stomach" and said "it should have never happened."

He can't comment on whether disciplinary action will be taken against the driver because he said it's a personnel issue.