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Lifeguards receive training online, in the pool

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OKLAHOMA CITY—Before lifeguards head to Oklahoma City pools this summer, they will be surfing the Internet to become certified.

Oklahoma City’s Parks and Recreation Department added an online portion to this year’s lifeguard certification program.

Nick Gaddis, aquatics program coordinator, said, “This is a tremendous benefit for participants, many of whom attend school outside the Oklahoma City area.”

The course includes teamwork, victim assessment, rescue, surveillance, First Aid and CPR.

When each online module is completed, students will meet in a traditional classroom for a skills assessment.

 “This in no way replaces the value of hands-on learning,” says Gaddis, “but gives students a solid information base before walking into the classroom.”

The online course is part of the American Red Cross’ Blended Learning program.

The first blended learning course is scheduled for Jan. 29.

Traditional lifeguard training and refresher course training is available in March.