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Huge boulder lands on interstate

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GLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO — One Colorado woman is glad to be alive after a boulder the size of a VW Bug tumbled down Glenwood Canyon right in front of her.

Charmaine Jones owns a chauffeur business called ‘Charm Chauffeurs’ in Glenwood Springs. On Monday, she was driving through Glenwood Canyon when several boulders came tumbling down towards her.

“I just came around the turn, going 50 and the boulder had just fallen right in to my left lane. I was either going to hit it or hit the brakes. Of course, I hit the brakes,” she said.

If you believe in fate, like Jones does, then you’ll find this next part even more amazing.

“I had to stop for gas and the outside gas credit card reader didn’t work,” Jones said.

Jones had to go inside the gas station and ask the cashier for help. It took her 30 seconds. Had she not been delayed by 30 seconds, Jones would have been driving underneath the boulder at the exact time it hit the road.

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