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Norman Police investigate home invasion

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NORMAN, Okla. --Woodsboro Drive in Norman is your average street where joggers don't hesitate to get out an exercise.

But the past few days, runners and their neighbors have hit the pavement with questions in their heads about what happened at 3315 Woodsboro Drive on Friday night.

"Well, of course, it's a surprise because almost nothing really happens here," said Jerrod Sahlasteen, a jogger in the area.

Police say a man approached the house, knocked, and told the person inside he had car problems. When the homeowner came outside to help, two other men showed up and forced the victim back into the house.

"At that point the shooting ensues. and our victim was hit multiple times by what we believe is a small caliber handgun," said Captain Easley with the Norman police department.

Police are treating the case as a home invasion robbery.

While authorities search for suspects, they are issuing a warning.
"If someone knocks on your door at ten o clock at night and you are not expecting anyone, you better talk to them through the door, until you are satisfied that they are who they say they are," said Easley.

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