Storms rip through south

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At least two people are dead after a series of powerful storms and tornadoes pummeled much of the South Wednesday. Whole swaths of Georgia and Tennessee spent the day under siege, already battered by high winds as the storm front began its deadly march last night.

Outside of Nashville residents heard a deafening roar and had only seconds to react. A man was killed when a tree fell onto a shed, the first death reported in this storm.

East of Memphis buildings were flattened, their contents scattered far and wide. For some there wasn't much more to do than wait out the storm and pray.

"I'm alive, i'm alive, it could have been a lot worse," said Judy Ormand.

It could have been a lot worse in western Kentucky, where trailer homes were little match for the high winds. As far north as Indiana storm-stricken communities are tallying the toll and beginning the recovery from an unusually powerful and deadly winter storm.

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