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Glencoe coach confronts fans in stands

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GLENCOE, Okla. - An upset high school basketball coach climbs into the stands to confront the visiting team's fans.

His rant ended up on YouTube.

Saturday night, Glencoe High School played host to Kiefer High School.

Kiefer Athletic Director Joe Bill Lierly told News Channel 4 the Glencoe students who were filming the game were also making rude remarks about the Kiefer girls' team.

Then during the boys' basketball game, he said they were yelling for someone to injure the Kiefer players.

A Kiefer fan decided to retaliate by standing in front of their camera.

That's when Glencoe head coach John Lazenby went into the stands.

"The coach is up in the stands asking our fans to move," the Kiefer announcers on iHigh.com said. "It's getting ugly here.

"Police officers will be here shortly," they joked. "I hope not."

On the video, Lazenby could be seen yelling and pointing his finger at fans.

He told News Channel 4 on the phone that he was upset at the visiting fans who were intentionally blocking the camera of the Glencoe student who films the games.

Lazenby agreed to an interview but when News Channel 4 drove to Glencoe, he was nowhere to be found.

He left a letter stating Glencoe High School had contacted Keifer HS and the situation had been addressed.

"If he's going to do anything, it should be to the refs or to the other coach," former Glencoe student Ryan Schieber said.

But a Glencoe player's mother said Lazenby did the right thing because he's also the superintendent.

"All he did was walk up there and say, 'Look this is the filming area,'" Amy Cavett said.  "He sat down and he told those kids to knock it off and quit mouthing her and it should have been dropped right there."

The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association did not want to do an interview and would only say they let Glencoe and Kiefer high schools handle the matter internally.

One resolution Kiefer HS reached will avoid any future problems; they decided to cancel Friday night's home game against Glencoe.

They also have decided they are not traveling to Glencoe next year.

The video had been pulled from YouTube sometime Thursday.