In Your Corner: Classic car confusion

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OKLA. CITY - Cindy Jenkin's grand kids are her pride.

Her 1955 Dodge Station Wagon is her joy.

“It’s a three tone color,” she said. “The interior is in perfect condition.”   

The classic belonged to Cindy’s dad.

“It's a three generation car,” she said. “I want to leave it to my kids.”

Three years ago she left it with Rod Goodhue. She paid him to restore the antique car.

He's had it ever since.

“He said high-end would be $15,000 [and] 9 months to a year to complete,” Cindy said. “Here it is three years later, no car. My last email from him, he wanted another $5,000.”

Goodhue's take on things is far different.

He wouldn't agree to an on-camera interview, but tells the In Your Corner team the original quote never included a complete vintage overhaul.

“Then she wanted to put air conditioning on it, power steering. That stuff came in later,” Goodhue said. “Originally our agreement was that $20,000, plus chrome, plus upholstery. The last email I got, she was under the impression that it was $15,000 for everything and that's impossible.”

The thing is we've yet to see the original quote and neither side can produce a written agreement.

It's Cindy's word against Goodhue's.  

Cindy's patience is stalling out, her tank full of heartbreak.

She lost her parents eleven months a part.

Her nephew was shot and killed. Plus her oldest sister passed away the following year.

She fears another blow could be devastating.

Cindy said, “That's why this car is so important to me, because losing three to cancer you don't ever know how much time you have.”

We asked to see the car, but Goodhue wouldn't let our camera inside his shop.

We're still working with both sides to resolve the dispute, although it's looking like this one could be headed straight to court.

We'll keep you posted on Cindy’s car.

Right now Cindy's car is in pieces since Goodhue was in the process of restoring it.

He says he's willing to finish the project if Cindy's willing to offer up more payment for the additional work.

Cindy says that's not going to happen.

Always remember to get everything in writing when entering into any business agreement.