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Nosy neighbor helps police shut down drug house

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GUTHRIE, Okla. – A “nosy” neighbor helped sniff out crime in Logan County.       

Residents long suspected something suspicious was going on in apartment 126.

Neighbor Kayla Garrison said a back unit of the Noble Heights apartments in West Guthrie was like a revolving door.

 “A car pulled up to the trash can and they shook hands like this and he got back in the truck and left,” Kayla said. “It didn’t look right? Right! Fifteen to 20 minutes later, another vehicle.”

Police said the apartment was being used to package and distribute drugs. 

But they may not have uncovered the alleged illegal activity if not for a “nosy” neighbor.   

A tenant came to a dumpster to toss out some garbage, noticed an unusual smell and contacted the apartment manager.

Police arrived and confirmed that mystery smell was marijuana.  

Detectives searched the place and uncovered pot, drug paraphernalia, a rifle, two pistols and a large stash of hidden money.

The Guthrie police lieutenant said the cash was flowing.

“There was a hamper with soft sides and laundry in it, in the laundry room,” he said. “I dumped it out and money started falling out.”

Almost $13,000 was stuffed in plastic baggies.

Three men were arrested and charged with a long list of drug and weapons felonies.

A suspected drug house, now out of business because some alert tenants smelled something “afoul” and weren’t afraid to speak up.       

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