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Rep. accuses Valley Brook police of supporting prostitution

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OKLAHOMA CITY - A State Rep. spews tough comments about a local police department, alleging they support prostitution.

Valley Brook Police Chief Michael Stamp responds to harsh comments made by State Rep. Rebecca Hamilton (District 89 - D).

In her blog, "Public Catholic," she weighs in on a national controversy involving strip clubs next to monasteries.

As she makes her point, Hamilton includes allegations.

"We have a whole town, called Valley Brook, here in Oklahoma that makes its revenue from prostitution under the guise of strip clubs. Nobody anywhere gets police protection like the strip clubs of Valley Brook. It appears on the outside that the Valley Brook Police work for the strip clubs."

"That's slanderous at best," Stamp said. "I'm surprised that someone would have that opinion of us. The way I read the comment was that we generate our revenue from prostitution. Prostitution is a criminal behavior and we don't support criminal behavior."

While the town is known for its red light district, Stamp said to accuse the police department of sex crimes is unfair and not true.

He said officers are not even allowed to work as off duty security or even associate in the strip clubs.

Rep. Hamilton who was out of town, spoke with us by phone.

She defends what she wrote stating, "You definitely get the impression that the cops are there to protect the strip clubs. It is clear that's the top revenue and I believe they protect it."

Hamilton said she introduced legislation aimed at gentleman's clubs but nothing has passed.

Attorney David Slane said it's not likely the police department will look into defamation and slander but club owners and employees might.

"Standing on the floor of the Capitol you are immune from any lawsuit," he said. "You may speak your mind, you can say anything you want. However if you get on a private blog or on the internet and say things, you can be held accountable."

The chief also said he wishes Rep. Hamilton would have focused her religious opposition solely against the strip clubs and left his department out of the debate.