Sailors rescue woman from burning home

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The heroic efforts of two Navy Petty Officers saved the life of an Oklahoma City woman inside her burning home.

The blaze burned two homes on the city's Northwest side at 3 a.m. Monday.

The flames started at a vacant rental home and spread to Janis Justice-Mikiff's home.

"It's scary but I'll be alright," Justice-Mikiff said. "I'm OK, thank God I'm OK." 

The 65-year-old woman barely made it out alive. 

She said she fell asleep after watching the Superbowl and only woke up when two neighbors came to her rescue.

Petty Officers Dillon Herrold and Anthony Dowdy were banging at her door.

"We banged on it five minutes until somebody came to the door and the house was really on fire," Herrold said. "We got her out of the house and she was just in shock."

The blaze spread throughout the attic of her home and to surrounding grass in a matter of minutes.

"I was just thankful they got me out," Justice-Mikiff said.

Now all that's left of the rental property is a shell and Justice-Mikiff's home of 40 years is charred throughout.

Despite the damage, the 65-year-old woman thanks the petty officers who saved her from the flames.

"I think they're heroes," she said.

"I was just doing what any person should do," Dowdy said.

Two men who said they are ordinary but who faced the fire to save a life.

Fire investigators are still working to find out what caused the fire at the rental property.

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