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Burglary ring busted in Oklahoma county

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DEER CREEK, Okla. - Oklahoma County sheriff's deputies break up a big time burglary and drug ring.

So far investigators have arrested six people with three more arrests to come.

More than 100 criminal charges are expected.

It's still early in the investigation; the Oklahoma County sheriff she he isn't sure how many homes the suspects hit before being caught but it's a lot.

"It's a crime of opportunity," victim Brad Warren said. "They hit vehicles and homes that were easy to get."

Brad had his wife's purse and other items stolen out of the car and truck in his driveway.

Just minutes later, two suspects were caught in the act by an Oklahoma County sheriffs deputy in Brad's Deer Creek neighborhood.

"We were definitely in the right place and they were in the wrong place at the wrong time," deputy Todd Bussell said.

Deputy Bussell said he saw two suspects, Amiee Monholland and Nichole Reyes, sitting in the get away car on scene.

A third suspect, Chase Slaton, fled the scene only to be arrested later.

Eventually, officers were led to a home in southeast Oklahoma City where they uncovered lots of stolen items including laptops, weapons, purses and methamphetamine's packaged for distribution.

Officers then arrested three others, Glenn Huckabee, Marshawn Cherry and Amie Scott, for alleged involvement in the criminal organization.

"From a law enforcement standpoint, the good guys won one. That's great," Oklahoma County sheriff John Whetsel said.

The suspects allegedly admitted they targeted rural well-to-do homes because people there often have a false sense of security.

At least one victim admits he's learned a valuable lesson.

"It really just reminds you to lock your cars and operate with some caution," Warren said.

In addition to the six people already in custody, the sheriff said at least three others will be arrested.

Their names have not yet been released.