Parents angry students dropped off near shooting

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A shooting at an apartment building leaves a man fighting for his life and parents upset at a local school district.

Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. there was a shooting at the Britton Courtyard apartments in northwest Oklahoma City.  

OKC Police Lt. Jennifer Wardlow said two men tried to rob another man.

"It appears right now that it was an attempted robbery and that our suspect did try to fight back and was shot," she said. 

The suspects fled the scene on foot. 

The suspect was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition.

Wiley Post Elementary was put on lockdown.  

School buses dropped off other students from the Putnam City School District near the crime sceien.

That had some parents like Elizabeth upset.

"It's just devastating, it's terrible and for them to let these school buses out in the middle of it all, where they all can see everything that's going on, it's mind boggling, it's terrible," she said.

Elizabeth said her daughter called her very upset.

 "She called me and told me there was blood everywhere and somebody just got shot," she said.

Steve Lindley from the Putnam City School District issued this statement:

"This afternoon there was a shooting at an apartment complex near a Putnam City elementary school. Putnam City staff acted quickly to keep students safe by putting the elementary school in lockdown, diverting a middle school bus so students would not be delivered to the apartment complex, and monitoring police radio to track the situation. At about 3 p.m., Oklahoma City Police on the scene advised the elementary school principal that suspects had left the area in a car, the school was not in danger and that the school day and dismissal could continue as normal. Shortly after Oklahoma City Police issued an all-clear, middle school students were delivered by bus to the apartment complex and the safety of their families. The school district shares parental concerns for students and acted responsibly given the information available during a rapidly developing situation that unfolded as school buses were on their routes."

Oklahoma City Police said they were in contact with the elementary school and kept them advised of the situation but the decisions about bus transportation was left to the school district.