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Okla. gas prices jump, higher than 11 states

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OKLAHOMA CITY—If you have been to the gas station lately, you’ve probably noticed the jump in prices in recent weeks.

AAA Oklahoma says Tuesday’s prices are 38 cents higher than 20 days ago.

The recent price surge is believed to be the result of higher crude oil prices and prices bouncing back from the end of the year low.

At this time, 11 states have lower gasoline prices than Oklahoma including New Mexico, Colorado, South Carolina and Mississippi.

Prices in Norman are $3.36 with Oklahoma City drivers paying $3.33, which is 11 cents higher than last year.

In fact, today’s price is the highest on record for this date.

Today’s national average is 17 cents more expensive than last week, 23 cents more than one month ago and 5 cents above last year’s prices.

Officials say this is the most dramatic one-week spike in recent years that did not follow a disaster.

Previous increases followed Middle East violence and Hurricane Katrina.

Unfortunately, there is no good news here.

AAA expects prices to increase in February and to top $3.50 a gallon this spring.