Okla. representatives remove laws from the books

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OKLAHOMA CITY—Outdated laws could be removed from the books if new bills are passed by the House Wednesday.

State Rep. Gus Blackwell said, “I know we’re usually referred to as ‘lawmakers’ but today we are actually acting more as ‘law-negaters.’ We removed language today that dealt with some committees and task forces that either no longer meet or no longer exist and we also repealed portions of the Water for 2060 Act.”

Legislators will discuss House Bill 1562 to remove language from the Water for 2060 Act, which sets long-term water management goals for the state.

“I think trying to set policy for 50 years in the future is not responsible,” said Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, R-Moore. “Obviously, we are going to work to create greater water conservation in the state, but laws setting precise goals for 2060 is simply ludicrous. Oklahoma’s population a half century from now will increase immensely and we will need much more water than the current law stipulates as a policy.”

House Bills 1480, 1483 and 1484 remove language regarding a fire ant research and management committee, the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Act, the Oklahoma Military Base Closure Prevention Task Force and an Oklahoma Office of Volunteerism.

“Most of these groups no longer meet or no longer exist, so it is time to remove them from the law books,” said Rep. Jason Murphey, R-Guthrie. “In the case of the space industry board, we are also eliminating funding.”

House Bill 1088 removes a misdemeanor for blasphemy, while House Bill 1089 removes a requirement that county commissioners not own railroad stock.

House Bill 1685 eliminates the Committee of Home Inspector and Examiners, while House Bill 1693 would eliminate language for an independent Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board.

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