Fraternity suspended after “Racist Rager”

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DURHAM, NC — Students at Duke University gathered Wednesday to protest what they called anti-Asian prejudice after a fraternity hosted a “racist rager” party last week, with literature that lampooned Asian students.

In protest of the fraternity, around 300 people attended a rally organized by Duke University’s Asian American Alliance.

The Eta Prime Chapter of Kappa Sigma is accused of throwing a theme party Friday at which attendees dressed up in stereotypical Asian costumes.

While suspended, the Duke chapter must stop all activities and operations until the national chapter can complete its investigation. Once the investigation is complete, the national chapter will determine if further discipline is needed.

The fraternity was allowed to return to campus last year after having dissolved in 2002 amid a misconduct investigation.

The fraternity’s event was promoted through flyers and email messages that included stereotyped Asian spellings like “herro” and “peopre,” and images of the late North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. It was promoted on Twitter with the hashtag #RacistRager.

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