GRAPHIC: Okla. parents beat child, tape it

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WARNING: This video contains graphic scenes of child abuse. 

By: Alicia Agent for KFSM

ARKOMA, Okla. - Two LeFlore County parents are in court; one for allegedly abusing their child, the other for recording it and not alerting authorities.

Christina Marie Hawkins, 26, is charged with felony child abuse.

Rickey Leon Griffith, 36, has been charged with enabling child abuse and obstruction after admitting he recorded his girlfriend, Hawkins, abusing her child.

Authorities said Griffith recorded the acts with his cell phone last Fall but never turned it over to law enforcement.

WARNING: This video contains graphic scenes of child abuse. 


In the video, Hawkins puts her hand over the mouth of her screaming child, strikes the child several times on the stomach, then throws the child onto the couch, court documents state.

Hawkins can be heard yelling at the crying 2-year-old child.

According to KFSM, Hawkins told investigators she meant to spank the child on the bottom and tried to sit the child down on the couch.

KFSM reported Griffith was being accused of the abuse so he took video to prove it wasn't him, it was his girlfriend.

When authorities asked him why he didn't report the abuse, he said he made a mistake.

The child is now in state custody.