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More men caught in online underage sex sting

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CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. - News Channel Four is following an ongoing sting of sexual predators.

It involves men who are seeking underage girls for sex.

Detectives at the Canadian County Sheriff's Department are part of a program known as ICAC, Internet Crimes Against Children, in which investigators pose online as a 14-year-old girl.

It is commonplace these days.

Time after time, investigators at the Canadian County Sheriff's Department post an online ad posing as a young teen girl, and it never fails.

There are always hundreds men responding and wanting to hook up with an underage female.

"In one of the cases, there was very explicit sexual language from the individual to what he believed to be 14-year-old female talking about the different kinds of sex he'd like to engage in with that person," Canadian County Undersheriff Chris West said.

Investigators said in this particular sting 56-year-old Billy Barrick of Yukon thought he was talking to a 14-year-old girl when he said he would "lick her up and down" in addition to a plethora of other sexual acts.

Barrick lives in Yukon with his sister and detectives said he told his new online love to meet him a few blocks away at a convenience store.

Deputies were waiting instead.

They said Barrick brought a camcorder and condoms.

Up next was 31-year-old Bryan Ruberstell of Kingfisher.

According to court documents, Ruberstell "explained various sexual activities in detail on what he wanted to do" to the 14-year-old decoy.

He also "wanted the decoy to send him nude pictures."

Both Ruberstell and Barrick were after the same thing.

"They thought they were going to meet a 14-year-old female to engage in sexual activity,” West said. “Both of these individuals have been placed under arrest and are in our jail. We're happy we made these arrests because we don't know how many victims are behind these sick people."

Both men are facing charges of soliciting sexual conduct with a minor by use of technology.