Residents crying fowl to city over chickens

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OKLAHOMA CITY—Many folks are latching onto a pastime but it is causing a lot of problems for some local residents.

Officials say some Oklahoma City residents want fresh eggs and the other benefits of raising their own poultry.

However, the noise and smell are just part of the reason neighbors have complained to city leaders.

Kristy Yager, Oklahoma City spokesperson, said, “Chickens are illegal in residential areas where people own property that’s less than an acre large.”

In fact, the city gets about 400 complaints a year about these types of animals living in close residential quarters.

Yager said, “When people have a rooster and those roosters are crowing early in the morning and that also causes problems with neighborhood dogs, they start barking and everybody wakes up. So it’s noise and it’s also the feces left behind by the chickens that smell.”

Neighbors say having chickens down the block is a little strange for a residential area.

Ross Wheeler said, “I used to live out in Piedmont and chickens and cows, you see those all the time but not here. When we moved here we figured we would not see any of that stuff.”

City officials say if they receive a complaint, see or hear chickens within a residential zone, you will get a notice and have 14 days to respond or get rid of the animal.

After that, the homeowner could be fined up to $170.

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