Detroit squatters blame homeowner for crime

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DETROIT, Mich.—After leaving home for a few days, a homeowner returned to an unwelcome sight.

She says that when she arrived home, she found squatters throwing a party inside her house.

The woman claims the three men had indulged in alcohol, crab legs, shrimp and were roasting a turkey in the oven at the time of her arrival.

Authorities say she recognized two of the men as her next-door neighbors.

Curtrina, a relative of one of the suspects, said, “Somebody was squatting in that house. The guy that was in there was squatting already, so he was inviting people over because he was living there. It was like a chill spot.”

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Another relative said, “If you a home owner or renting a property or whatever, you don’t leave your home abandoned for three or four months. This is Detroit, Michigan, this is the hungry capital of the world and we will come in there and squat in your home if you’re not home.”

Two of the suspects were arrested while police are still searching for that third man.

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