New asthma treatment provides relief

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There is new hope for the millions of Americans who suffer with asthma.

A new surgery could help patients breathe easier without drugs.

Like many Americans, Virginia Rady has suffered with asthma symptoms all her life.

Rady said, “I never got to have that normal childhood experience. I wasn’t allowed to do P.E. when I was younger and the other kids made fun of me because of that.”

She is a newlywed and wants to start a family but the asthma medication could complicate a pregnancy.

However, an innovative surgery could allow her to say goodbye to her medication.

Dr. Gary Weinstein said, “It’s certainly the first therapy for asthma that’s a non-drug therapy.”

The surgery is called Bronchial Thermoplasty and allows doctors to use heat to smooth muscles in the lungs’ bronchial passages.

It is completed in three different procedures.

Dr. Weinstein said, “What we anticipate and hope that we will get better control of their asthma symptoms and flares and appropriately reduce their medicine.”

Bronchial Thermoplasty is available at six different locations in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Enid.

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