OKC public school chair race heats up

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OKLAHOMA CITY - There are numerous elections being held across the state Tuesday.

One that has many talking is the race for chairman of the Oklahoma City School Board.

Two women are facing off for the post and both have the same goal, improving the district.

Monday candidates Angela Monson and Lynne Hardin each spoke about their plans if  elected chairman of the Oklahoma City School Board.

Hardin said, "We have a system that is not working, it's not serving our children."

Monson said, "Now is not the time to change course."

Monson said since she took over as board chairman four years ago change has started to happen.

"We have plans in place over the last four years that are beginning to take hold now," she said. "It's important that we be able to continue that work."

Though Hardin disagrees.

"My opponent says we need to do the same thing and I think we need to change," Hardin said. "I'm the candidate for change."

Hardin said one reason she's running is to prevent issues like class and grade tampering that allegedly happened at Douglas High School.

Hardin said, "It's not logical that nobody knew and all the sudden there's a problem."

Monson countered, saying under her direction the board has moved to prevent a situation like that from every happening again.

"People said we should have known," Monson said. "There was no way we could have known."

She said, "We put in new protocol to make sure it will never happen again."

Both women cast their votes early Monday morning.

Each is hoping voter turnout will be high for this race.

Not only will Oklahoma City voters decide the board chairman but there are also two district board member seats up for election.

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