OKC in top five of most adulterous cities

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma is one of the least faithful cities in the country.

A married dating site called AshleyMadison.com puts Oklahoma at number 5 in the nation for married cheaters.

OKC is actually moving up; Last year we were number 7.

Elissa Buchter, from the website, tells us the day after Valentine's Day is the busiest day of the year on their site.

"We think for sure it's because people have a lot of unsatisfied needs and expectations.  And there is disappointment. Maybe they thought this was the last shot they're going to give their spouse and when that person fails to meet their expectations - that's it."

Some, like Dr. Stewart Beasley, attribute being in the Bible Belt as part of the problem.

"I think whenever people have strong religious overtones that there are those who will rebel or be oppositional and will try some things that they ought not to try. "

Buchter says money, on both ends, plays a role as well.

"A lot of times we see when unemployment rates increase so does the use of the site. A lot of times it can be the opposite - prosperity.  A lot of times wealth and opportunity -  those are  two of the variables most often associated with adulterous behavior."

Whatever the reason, OKC seems full of philandering.

Beasley warned a person needs to think before they cheat.

"Be very careful about your curiousity,  because your curiousity can get the best of you."

AshleyMadison.com’s founder and CEO Noel Biderman said she wasn't surprised to see Oklahoma City move up two spots from last year's list (from #7 to #5).

"The cities in America that are most closely associated with traditional values often turn out to be the most unfaithful places," Biderman said. "Adultery transcends geography, financial status and values."

List of America's Least Faithful Cities:

1. Washington, DC
2. Austin, TX
3. Houston, TX
4. Miami, FL
5. Oklahoma City, OK
6. Richmond, VA
7. Boston, MA
8. Philadelphia, PA
9. Lincoln, NE
10. Phoenix, AZ

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