President prepares for State of the Union

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WASHINGTON—President Obama is preparing to give his first State of the Union address of his second term Tuesday.

Ron Brownstein, CNN senior political analyst, said, “It’s the moment where he gets an uninterrupted, unchallenged opportunity to talk to the country and to define his agenda and what he thinks the debate in Washington should be about, which is one of the most important powers that a president has.”

President Obama told Democrats in the House of Representatives that he will discuss job-creation and education during Tuesday’s speech.

Experts say he may also talk about immigration reform, reducing gun violence and clean energy.

White House officials say the core of the speech will be on a mix of old and new policies that are aimed at helping the middle class.

You can see the president’s State of the Union address on NewsChannel 4 at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

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