Rain chances possible this week

Snowy weather, speed to blame for traffic death

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CADDO COUNTY, Okla.—Authorities say Tuesday’s snowy weather is to blame for one death in our state.

Police were called to U.S. Highway 281 just before 10 a.m. after a driver lost control and had a head-on collision.

Officials say 46-year-old Noella Christman and 39-year-old Brook Hensley were driving northbound on the highway when they lost control of the vehicle.

It careened into the southbound lanes of traffic and hit a Ford F450.

The truck left the roadway while the car came to a stop.

Police say Hensley died at the scene from head injuries while Christman was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Authorities say they are still investigating the crash but believe the pair were driving too fast for the snowy road conditions.