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Man almost run over trying to stop suspect

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Police are looking for a man they said nearly ran over another man.

It was all done in an effort to get away from the scene of a crime.

It's been a few weeks since the situation happened at gas station at Memorial Rd. and Santa Fe.

Wednesday police released video they hope will help them catch this suspect.

OKC Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said, "You get a pretty good look at the suspect, not so much his face but his clothes, his build, the type of car he drives."

In the surveillance video you see two white trucks parked outside of the gas station.

A gold Nissan Maxima pulls in between them and the driver goes into the store.

He walks around for several minutes before eventually buying something.

It's what the man does when he leaves that has police searching for him.

As the suspect leaves the store, he reaches into the truck parked next to his car and takes a cell phone.

Knight said, "(He) opens the door reaches in grabs the cell phone and then gets in his car and tries to drive away."

The owner of the truck saw what was happening.

Knight said, "The victim is in the store, sees what's going on and tries to climb in the car to retrieve the phone."

In the video you see the victim jump in the suspect's car.

The suspect then hits the gas, backing out and nearly running over the victim.

Knight said, "We don't encourage victims of crime to confront a suspect."

Fortunately the victim was not seriously injured.

However, his phone is gone and police are now hoping you can help them find the suspect.

Police said the suspect could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon for nearly running over the victim.

If you have any information that could help police you are asked to call police.