Pit Bull ordered to attack gets a second chance

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EDMOND, Okla - It was a horrific case of domestic abuse.

Two consecutive days back in Nov., police said 32-year-old Christopher Birchmier unleashed a relentless attack on his girlfriend at an Edmond home.

According to the police report, the victim suffered "multiple facial lacerations, strangulation makes on her neck and bite wounds on her thigh and calf."

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Those bite marks came from "Butter," a Pit Bull who was allegedly "ordered" to attack.

Edmond Police Department Spokesperson Jenny Monroe said, "His owner was telling him to attack his girlfriend in a domestic argument."

Butter was locked up at the Edmond Animal Shelter, considered a threat to society.

Because of Butter's violent reputation, officials initially considered euthanizing the Pit Bull.

But they quickly learned, Butter was actually a very calm, kind animal in the right hands. 

Monroe said, "All options were considered by the department but as we spent more time with Butter and worked with him, they felt strongly that the best thing for Butter was to go to a rescue."

From behind bars, Christopher Birchmier finally agreed to relinquish his rights to Butter.

Now, the dog is heading to an animal safe haven in Blanchard.

Butter, who had been ostracized from society, will experience unconditional love and compassion for the very first time.