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Police go digital to take down thieves

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GUTHRIE, Okla.—A local sheriff’s office is going digital in hopes of getting new leads in theft cases in the area.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office is using “Leads Online” to trace property through pawn shops and check individuals who may be pawning stolen property.

Officers already search through the National Crime Information Center to search for stolen items, missing people and wanted people.

Authorities say citizens will collect serial number, detailed descriptions and photographs of big ticket items.

Unfortunately, a lot of items that are stolen in burglaries or destroyed are smaller products that are overlooked.

“Leads Online” is offering a service to citizens which allow them to register their personal items, serial numbers and other unique aspects of their property that can be used by law enforcement to identify anything that has been lost or stolen.

Residents would also be able to use the information for insurance claims.

Citizens can set up an account for free account.

Officials encourage you to put as much information as possible on the forms including the number of items, serial numbers, owner applied numbers, colors, descriptions and images.

For more information, call (405) 282-4100.