GRAPHIC: Outrage over graphic book report

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - There is outrage in Guthrie over a book assigned to junior high students.

Some parents said the story lines include child molestation, rape, murder and torture.

"It's sickening; it literally made me sick to my stomach when I read it," Charlotte Purviance said.

She is disgusted with a book she said 8th graders at Guthrie Junior High were assigned to read.

Her grandson is one of the students.

"A lot of the characters in the book are women who are raped, tortured and killed," Purviance said.

The book titled "It'll All Work Out" is a collection of short stories.

One excerpt describes a woman suspended in the air, bound by piercing wires causing her body to drip puddles of blood.

It goes on to talk about a snake and worms crawling around her body then entering her vagina.

This grandma said the literary content is not only too graphic for an 8th grader but also misogynistic.

"Young women who read this book, are they going to take it that it's natural behavior that it's acceptable to do to them," she said.

She said the book also contains stories of child molestation and murder without recourse.

Purviance said this should not be part of any junior high curriculum because the flip of every page wipes away her grandson's innocence.

So far he's turned in two books reports.

"It promotes abuse, period," She said. "There's no question in my mind what it would do to a young person that's very impressionable at that age," Purviance said.

The family said if they would have given their children a book like this to read they would be facing criminal charges but since it was given by a teacher, officials don't seem to mind.

News Channel 4 spoke with the superintendent who declined an on-camera interview.

He said there's a meeting set up for Friday with the teacher and the parents.

We're told the author of that book is the teacher who assigned it to his class.

We're still working to confirm that.

We reached out to the author for more insight and look forward to hearing his response.