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Police search for answers in deadly hit-and-run

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police in Oklahoma City search for the driver behind a deadly hit-and-run accident.

Last week Joseph Helmka died riding his bike at the intersection of N.W. 10th St. and MacArthur after being struck by a car.

Police are now releasing a video of the crash and asking for the public's help to solve the crime.

For the victim's family, not knowing who's responsible for the deadly crash has made it hard to grieve.

"Someone needs to be held accountable for hitting my father and killing him," Jessica Helmka said.

Helmka's daughter said her family won't have peace until the person responsible for killing the 58-year-old grandfather is brought to justice.

"I mean, no ones come forward? It's kind of disturbing to think of that," Helmka said. "It's important someone steps forward."

"It's very unfortunate because it was foggy that morning," OKC Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said. "That made it hard to see what was going on at that intersection."

Luckily, a convenience store's cameras point toward intersection in question.

However, the only thing visible on the suspect's vehicle are the headlights, momentarily dimmed at the point of impact.

Just moments later a second car drives past.

Police hope that driver comes forward.

"There was a second car right behind the hit and run vehicle," Knight said. "That person is not in trouble but we think they may have info on the crash. We want to talk to that person obviously. The crash happened right in front of them and we want to see what they know."

"Any information that can help solve the case would be great for my family because it's just lingering," Helmka said.

Anyone with information on the hit and run is asked to contact Crimestoppers at (405) 235-7300.