School massacre prompts more security in Oklahoma schools

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EDMOND, Okla. - The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School caused widespread panic among parents nationwide and a call for more security on school campuses.

Edmond Police Capt. Tom Dorsey said, "By far, the most popular thing, the most valuable thing that they want at their kid's school is a police officer in uniform and a marked car out front."

Until now, Edmond has shared five resource officers among the District's 23 campuses.

But now there will be increased visibility district wide.

"We realize how important kids are; most of us have kids in Edmond schools," Dorsey said. "We know safety is a top priority so we feel like this is where we need to be."

Officers will now file their daily reports from their cruisers, parked right outside Edmond schools.

"It's such a simple thing but what an innovative idea," District Spokesperson Susan Parks-Schlepp said. "Instead of returning to the police station to do reports, they are using their laptops and finishing reports in the parking lots. It's a very visible presence."

Cops will also do routine surveillance around each school campus to become more familiar with the faculty, students and layout.

Parks-Schlepp said, "If there was ever an emergency, it will be second nature for them to know how the school is laid out, who the principal and teachers are, where the entrance and exits are and things like that."

Parents have taken notice.

Edmond police have been getting thank you notes.

One stated, "It is of great comfort to know that we have a policeman in our building."

Another read, "I am sure I speak for all parents when I say we appreciate your service."

The city is producing a safety video this week to explain all the black and whites and let parents know, children's safety will be their top priority.