Inmates planning to smuggle drugs busted

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CHICKASHA, Okla. - Oklahoma lawmen use a hidden wire to stop a plot that would have funneled drugs to prisoners in our state.

News Channel 4 obtained recordings from phone conversations as well as hidden recording devices from inside the jail as a couple of Grady County prisoners allegedly scheme to bring drugs in from the outside.

"Your boy wanted me to tell you that one of his home girls will meet you for his birthday present and to wrap that b**** up, and take it with her with a (inaudible) fifty," federal inmate Wesley Houk said. "She's good people. He's known her for a long time. She will be calling you at 5 o'clock tomorrow."

Investigators said Houk made that phone call to Susan Dye.

Dye is the mother of another federal inmate, Grant Curry.

Lawmen said Curry had been trying to sweet talk a female jailer into helping him and Houk carry out a plan to smuggle drugs into the jail.

That jailer began wearing a recording device to capture her conversations with Curry.

"I know your boy," Curry said to the jailer. "I know his Aunt Tammy. They're good people. I'm good people. Do you want to meet me? I am good at what I do. I will make sure you're OK."

"Grant Curry was attempting to talk her into or convince her to assist him in smuggling in some contraband, specifically Oxycodone, into the Grady County Jail," Grady County Assistant District Attorney Leah Edwards said.

"Well, I'm pretty tanked out," Curry said to his mother, Susan Dye.

"I don't know about all this that you got going on," Dye said.

"Well, you didn't raise no fool," Curry said.

The jailer, who was in on the investigation, agreed to meet Curry's mother, Susan Dye, and Curry's girlfriend, Jessica McClung, for the exchange.

"The agreement was that Curry's mother and girlfriend were going to give the jailer these Oxycodone pills plus one hundred and $50 in order for her to take those back to the jail and to transfer those to Grant Curry so he could sell them to the inmates," Edwards said.

They met at McDonald's on the H.E. Bailey Turnpike and Dye and McClung were arrested as soon as they gave the drugs and cash to the jailer.

They wrapped the pills in electrical tape along with a marijuana stem, perhaps part of the plan Houk hatched in their phone conversation.

"Tell sissy to give you that little plant of mine, too," Houk said.

Prosecutors said Curry had some real nerve to attempt to carry out such a plan considering his criminal background.

"While being housed as a federal inmate, he is charged with murdering another federal inmate that was in his pod," Edwards said.  "And still attempts to smuggle contraband in and distribute while he's there."

All four have distribution charges against them.