Oklahomans come home from nightmare cruise

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A number of Oklahomans who were aboard the Triumph cruise ship came home Friday.

One group came in on a flight at Wiley Post around noon Friday.

These women were part of a 16 member girls' trip aboard the Triumph.

Keri Garon vividly remembers when the fire broke out early Sunday morning.

That fire led to the ship's problems.

"Keri, Keri what's that smell? I sat up and said 'that's fire.' Get comfortable clothes. Get your medications. Get your passport and get it in the bag."

That was the beginning of five days with no power and in some cases, deplorable conditions.

Passengers like Charity Heim are just grateful to be safe.

"We were alive and it could have been so much worse," she said. "God was with us the whole way. He pushed us 90 miles north to the states."

This group was able to find the positive in the turmoil.

Lisa Blackwell can't believe how amazing the ship's crew was.

"Everything they did was with a smile on their face," she said. "They had to do things no person should ever have to do for somebody else."

These women ready to be back with their families.

Heim is sure about her plans for the evening.

"We're going to sit around and just hug," she said.