Water continues to flow out of Canton Lake

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CANTON LAKE - Water continues to flow from Canton Lake into Oklahoma City to help re-fill the water supply, officials said.

Last month, the Army Corps of Engineers started releasing 30,000 acre feet of water from the lake so it could move down the North Canadian River and into Lake Hefner.

Oklahoma City Utilities Department official Debbie Ragan said the water will increase the water level at Lake Hefner by 10 feet.

"We own water rights in Canton Lake, we don't own Canton Lake," Ragan said. "The water began being released from Canton Lake on Jan. 30 and we began seeing it enter Lake Hefner Feb. 4."

Those in the Canton Lake area told News Channel 4 the water level at the lake continues to drop.

They are worried about the long-term effects on the lake and the local economy.

"When they worked on the dam back in the '80s they let it down (water level) but it was a long ways from being this low," resident Everett Cayot said.

The water will continue flowing out of Canton Lake until just about the end of the month, Oklahoma City officials said.

Residents are encouraged to conserve water.

Ragan said we need rain, which would help re-fill both lakes.