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Mother, daughter die in train accident

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- A metro family is recovering from the loss of two loved ones, a mother and her first-born child.

Loyce Adeymi, 61, and her daughter, 44-year-old Miayi Mathis, died tragically when their vehicle crossed the path of a train early Saturday morning.

Around 5 a.m., Ermer Mathis received a call saying her mother and older sister had died instantly in the accident.

Mathis said,  "It's killing us. Not only did we lose a mother and grandmother but we lost my sister at the same time. It has our whole world turned upside down. It's going to be a long time before there is any normality in this family."

Although she can hardly breathe talking about this tragedy, she still had to console other relatives.

She said, "When I look at the faces of my family, I see so much pain and so much hurt because two of us aren't here anymore.".

Ermer says her mother and sister spent their lives taking care of other people.

Loyce holds several degrees and was a nurse and an accountant.

Miaya worked in home healthcare.

Both women have five children each

Officials are investigating what actually happened, but Ermer said her mother lived just two blocks away and crossed over those tracks multiple times a day.

Capt. Nate Tarver, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said, "At Britton and Western, there are arms that come down over the tracks. But on some of these side-streets that it intersects there are no arms, just lights. So people definitely have to pay attention."

Mathis said, "I can't help but question as to why? I keep telling myself that He needed two more angels, that's how I try to get through."

The victims pre-purchased burial plots so they could be laid to rest next to each other.

However, the family is scrambling to find funds for a double funeral service they never imagined having.