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Girl recovering after hit by car

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A 10-year-old girl was hit by a vehicle Friday afternoon at N.E. 10th and Bryant in Oklahoma City.

Akaari's mom, Nena Morris, said her daughter had just gotten off a city bus from school when she was scared by a dog.

"The dog broke off and chased her and she got spooked and ran off into traffic and got hit," she said.

EMSA was on the scene quickly; Colin Roy was one of the responders.

"The injuries she sustained are something we see on a daily basis but for any child to sustain these injuries is pretty horrifying," he said.

Akaari was initially in critical condition; she is now doing well and will recover.

She did suffer a broken leg, fractured ribs and a number of lacerations to her face and body.

Her family now has some questions surrounding the accident.

Her dad, Al Gallagher, said his daughter has to take a city bus to school because no school buses come to the area she lives.

"They need to find a way with these school buses where they can get these kids safe instead of them having to ride city buses," he said.

Her family is also frustrated about the dog that they said caused Akaari to run into the street.

Her mom said this is not the first time this has happened.

"These people have these dogs and they get loose all the time," she said. "The day before the dogs chased me home. I don't think you should have dogs if you don't have a fence to keep them in."