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Man accused of child abuse over sports rivalry

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PERKINS, Okla.—A man has been charged for severely beating a child because he liked a different college team than the rest of the family.

According to the Perkins police affidavit, 41-year-old Gannon Wade Mendez punished the child by making him eat soap and giving him nosebleeds by either smacking him or pressing his palm on the child’s face.

Mendez is also accused of slamming the boy into doors and using severe workouts to punish the child.

He allegedly made him run until he vomited and would wake him up every half hour to exercise.

The alleged abuse came to light when students and teachers noticed severe bruising on the child’s legs.

The child was taken to a shelter where he told police he was punished after Mendez found out he told other kids he liked the Sooners, not the Cowboys.

Court records show Mendez was charged with child abuse on Valentine’s Day.