Dump trucks of coats for Brad Edwards Warmth 4 Winter

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The Salvation Army just got two more huge dump trucks full of coats thanks to all who helped in the Brad Edwards Warmth 4 Winter program.

Tuesday morning crews unloaded a few final loads of coats at the Salvation Army which they will now give to Oklahomans in need.

Salvation Army Major Francina Proctor said she is overjoyed with the coat donations and the amount of people they will be able to help.

She said, "There are a lot of cold days coming up yet for this season so we're just delighted to be able to just give it away."

Which is exactly what Ashton said her father intended when he started the coat drive over 30 years ago.

"My dad saw these children walking to school without coats and it was freezing outside," Ashton said. "That's when he started the Warmth 4 Winter program. He wanted to help these kids and make sure they had a way to stay warm in the winter."

Students across the metro got involved collecting coats for the classmates without.

Oklahoma City School Board Chair Lynne Hardin said, "It's a wonderful opportunity for the children to understand that they can contribute."

Commissioner Brian Maughan and the South Oklahoma City Rotary Club were very instrumental in the collection of all of the coats.

"I think we got around 7,000 coats for our total coat drive this season," County Commissioner Maughan said.

Brad Edwards Warmth 4 Winter

If you would like to help with the Brad Edwards Warmth 4 Winter program or you know someone in need of a winter coat, click here for more information.