Edmond Memorial student dies in car crash

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EDMOND, Okla. - What was supposed to be a week of fundraising and unity at Edmond Memorial High School has now turned to heartbreak.

The community is grieving the loss of a high school senior.

Landon Burger, 18, died in a tragic auto accident Monday night, just south of 15th St. on Coltrane Rd.

Family members declined to talk on camera but told us on the phone Burger was the middle child of five kids and was looking forward to going to a trade school after graduation this year.

Donny Bevill, who was Burger's little league baseball coach, felt compelled to drive from Yukon to Edmond and kneel down in a deep ravine.

He pounded a wooden cross bearing Burger's name into the dirt; the site of the crash.

"Life is a day at a time and we don't know what's going to happen," Bevill said. "So I guess you make the most of seconds when you're with people that you love and care about."

Edmond Police said at around 8:20 p.m. Monday, Burger's Jeep Liberty swerved quickly into the ravine and flipped over.

He was driving alone and he was wearing his seat belt; he died at the scene.

"He seemed to really enjoy life, great kid," Bevill said. "Looked like he had a very promising future, irregardless of what he chose to do."

A family member said Burger played football at Yukon high school last year but moved to Edmond to be near his dad, stepmom, brothers and sisters.

"It was heartbreaking," Edmond Memorial classmate Isaac Nolan said. "Landon Burger, he's one of those people who had a contagious smile."

Nolan, who has known Burger since middle school, just saw him in the halls of Edmond Memorial the other day.

He heard Tuesday morning's school-wide announcement that Burger had died in a wreck.

Everyone observed a moment of silence.

But Nolan said his friend wouldn't want anyone to stay in mourning very long.

"He wouldn't want you to have any negative memories because he was such a positive person and his life influenced so many people, just by his smile in the hallways," he said. "He was real fun and outgoing and that inspired me to be outgoing like he is."

Police said they are still trying to figure out why Burger's Jeep went off the road.

There were no witnesses to the accident.