Escaped inmate says he ran to see his girlfriend

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GRADY COUNTY, Okla. - Grady County authorities said an escaped inmate told them he led lawmen on an overnight manhunt because he wanted to see his girlfriend.

Twenty-year-old Dillon Lindsey was on the run since Monday when he escaped from a jailer at the Grady Memorial Hospital.

He was captured Tuesday morning in rural Grady County.

 "I've watched the boy grow up," Grady County Lt. Roy Spratt said. "I knew the houses he'd probably go to and sure enough he showed up."

A lot of times this is usually the case in small towns.

Everyone knows everyone and when Lindsey escaped from a Grady County jailer, people saw it.

"It didn't take him 30 seconds and he was loose and running like a kite," one witness said.

People knew most likely where Lindsey would run.

"There are a lot of thorns and bushes down in there," Spratt said. "He was pretty scratched up from going through those thickets."

Lindsey escaped to the country near Bridgecreek where he lived.

His run from the law started Monday in Chickasha.

Authorities said when a jailer took Lindsey to the hospital, he told the jailer his handcuffs were too tight.

When the jailer loosened them, Lindsey made a mad dash.

"There he goes," one witness said.  "And he did a big double flip and 'Wham!' hit the ground. You would of thought that would have stopped him but he was right back up and gone again."

Deputies said he broke into a house and ditched his orange jumpsuit for clothes he stole from a clothes line, a hoodie he found inside a car and shoes from someone's porch.

In addition, authorities said Lindsey stole a truck and left it alongside a country road.

Authorities found him at the backdoor of a man's home with whom Lindsey had previously been arrested.

"Whenever we pulled up he took off running," Spratt said. " He jumped that fence and took off through that field right there for about a quarter of a mile."

Lawmen soon caught up with him and took him into custody.

 "He said he was through," Spratt said. "He wanted to get to his girlfriend. He didn't mean anybody any harm."

In addition to Lindsey's original drug charges, he now faces several other charges.