Former News Channel 4 reporter hospitalized for rare condition

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Former News Channel 4 reporter and now Oklahoma Turnpike Authority Public Information Officer, Jack Damrill, is in great shape.

He runs marathons and triathlons and most recently was training for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon when he ended up in the hospital. 

He decided to hire a personal trainer to get in even better shape. 

After his first session he was really sore, which is to be expected.

"It wasn't anything I hadn't done in the past except I had not done it in quite a while," Damrill said.

Two days after the workout he knew he was in trouble.

"Sunday came along and I woke up and I had blood in my urine," he said.

Damrill was hospitalized with Rhabdomyolyis. 

It's a condition where damaged skeletal muscle tissue breaks down rapidly. 

Those breakdown products can be toxic to the kidneys and other organs.

Dr. Nitin Sawheny from Mercy Hospital said the tough workout most likely triggered it.

"I think Jack just took it to the extreme and his body, after that period of workout, could not tolerate that," Dr. Sawheny said. "Your muscle essentially dies and there's a breakdown product that essentially is released."

This condition can also be caused by a crush injury; it's often found in victims injured in earthquakes and bombings.

Other causes can be medication, drug abuse, infection as well as a hereditary condition.

Symptoms include extreme soreness of muscles, tenderness and swelling.

Damrill's prognosis is good so far.

His treatment includes intravenous fluids and toxin removal.

He also said he'll take it easier on his training.

"You have to be aware of what your body can handle as you go through that," he said.

Dr. Sawheny said that is a good idea for many people.

"When you go back to workouts after some time off, don't go to extremes," he said. "Start slow. Work into it. Hydrate yourselves, hydrate yourselves very well."