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Rookie on road to recovery; suspect search heats up

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It's been a little over two months now since we brought you the story that shocked, horrified and angered many of you.

We told you about someone throwing a German Sheppard off the S.E. 59th St. Bridge and onto Interstate 40 below.

A truck driver saw it happen and called for help.

The state trooper who responded to the scene, Jennifer Fisher, helped rush the dog to medical treatment along with the assistance of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Fisher saw Rookie through all of his medical treatments and is his new owner.

Rookie is loving his new life with the Fisher family and his new little buddies on the Fisher’s acreage in the metro.

He is gaining back weight and still limps from the fall but you couldn't tell from his disposition that anything is wrong.

Fisher remembers when the call came in that day and knew if Rookie could be saved, she had to have him.

Rookie, his leg and his life were saved but he needed to get back on his feet.

That’s where Dr. Greg Emmert comes in, owner of the Megee Street Animal
Hospital in Norman.

Dr. Emmert and his team use cutting edge physical cutting edge physical therapy, like therapy laser.

After the laser treatment it's time for a little work on the water treadmill and Rookie is on the road to recovery.

Rookie is very good-natured but still has a few habits that can get him in trouble at the Fisher house.

He may be a little spoiled now but after what Rookie has been through, no one seems to mind too much.

The investigation into who threw Rookie off the bridge is picking up steam.

He had several owners and the last one was someone who bought him off of craigslist. 

Investigators would love to hear from the truck driver who reported the crime and said they believe they could live in this area.


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