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WATCH: Kevin Ogle one-on-one with Pres. Obama

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What an honor, no matter your politics, to get invited to interview a sitting president one-on-one.

The time was limited, five to seven minutes, but thanks to 1,000 viewers who emailed their questions, we had plenty to choose from for President Obama.

We found the questions that repeated a theme and seemed to be the most asked and boiled them down to four.

  • Gun control
  • How the impending sequester could affect the thousands of federal employees in Oklahoma
  • Gas prices
  • One surprise question for the president

Our Commander-in-Chief answered those questions with comments ranging from limiting high-capacity magazine clips, demanding congress to work with him on his balanced budget to avoid sequestration, talking about China and India causing the demand for oil and hence gas prices to go up….and a laugh about that fourth question mentioned.

“You know his mother and his grandmother still live in this area and I had a chance to see him when he was here,” Pres. Obama said.

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