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Man sentenced for shooting Oklahoma County sheriff’s deputy

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Punishment is handed down for an Oklahoma City man convicted of robbing and shooting an Oklahoma County sheriff's deputy.

The victim, Major John Waldenville, was shot in the face while on patrol outside Cattleman's Steakhouse in May 2011.

Thursday the accused trigger man, Christopher Baker, learned his fate.

The judge imposed the maximum penalty he could, life plus 30 years run back to back.

"I think justice was absolutely served today," assistant Oklahoma County district attorney Scott Rowland said.

Prosecutors praised judge Kenneth Watson for calling Baker a disgrace to his family and to his race during sentencing.

"I applaud the judge's courage telling the defendant what he thought of him," Rowland said. "He told him he was a disgrace to his race and he's a coward."

Last year a jury convicted Baker of the violent robbery outside Cattleman's Steakhouse.

That shooting left Major John Waldenville seriously injured, although Waldenville did survive.

"This guy wanted to pay a bill and his intent was to kill a cop," Waldenville's sister Nancy Brewer said,

Baker didn't defend his character nor did he ever say he's sorry for what happened.

In fact, he has always maintained his innocence.

"Not once has he ever shown any remorse," Brewer said. "He was asked in there, 'Are you remorseful,' and he said no. He deserves to be where he's at for the rest of his life."

The case doesn't quite end there.

Prosecutors claim another man, Keonta Prince, planned the robbery.

He pleaded guilty last year and will be sentenced next month.